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5 Tips for lighting your basement

How to maximize the lighting in your basement? 5 How-to tips on basement lighting!

Making your basement an enjoyable place to spend time can be tricky. Without the right lighting, it may feel too much like a dungeon (unless you’re into that!). Here are a few quick tips.

1. Maximize the natural lighting. Trim back shrubs and other plants that block sunlight from window wells. If the window well has a cover, keep it clean or replace a cover that blocks light with one that lets light pass through.

2. Choose light colors for walls, carpet and furniture. As much as we all miss the dark brown faux wood paneling from the ‘70s it doesn’t do much to create a bright space.

3. Accent Lighting. This will not only make the space brighter, it also makes the space feel less like a basement because lamps make the space feel decorated and lived in.

4. Light Bulbs. Depending on the types of fixtures in the basement there are various new types of lightbulbs. Consider talking to a lighting expert to find which type of bulb is going to give you the best results.

5. Create a false lighted window. This is simpler and more effective than you might think. Just frame and trim a “window” on a basement wall, and use creative lighting and decor (blinds, reflective paint, daylight spectrum bulbs) to make the light coming from the window look natural.

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Tips to keep mold out of your basement.

How to keep mold out? These are my best tips…

Finding mold in the basement is a problem that many homeowners have to face. Unfortunately, once you do, it can be difficult to get rid of, plus it can cause health issues for those residing in the home. That’s why it’s best to be proactive and take steps to prevent its growth.

  1. Monitor humidity levels. If a basement reaches a humidity level of 45 percent or higher, there is the possibility for mold growth. Purchase a hygrometer, which is fairly inexpensive, and schedule regular checks for yourself.
  2. Increase airflow. One of the main reasons for an increase in humidity levels in the basement is stagnant air that does not get circulated throughout the area. If you live in an area where the weather doesn’t permit you to regularly open windows or you don’t like to, consider installing dehumidifiers and run them at least one or two hours daily.
  3. Review your drainage system. Make sure the ground outside your home slopes away from your walls to allow for rain and melting snow to drain away from your foundation. Homeowners should also inspect all downspouts to make sure they are pointed in the right direction and extend far enough away from the home.
  4. Choose synthetic carpet. If you are installing carpeting in your basement, opt for mold-resistant fibers like nylon or olefin and steer clear of natural fibers that feed mold.
  5. Avoiding overloading. Clothes, books, and even cardboard boxes are materials mold can feed off of. Plus, if your basement is packed to the brim with items in storage, it reduces airflow and ventilation.

I’ve recommended mold remediation specialists to my clients on a few occasions and have had to use some in my own homes! Contact me today if you have any questions on what to look for when hiring a professional.

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Kingstons Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants

Kingston is one remarkable destination, with so much history, vibrant downtown corridors and of course some amazing restaurants. As a born and raised Kingstonian, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the best Kingston has to offer. These are my top picks, fit for and foodie!

Looking for something different, dinner that won’t break the bank? brunch spots or top patios check out my curated lists here! 


Location: Downtown Kingston

Price Range: $$$$ – Expect $150, per-person minimum

About: Beautifully Curated Menu & perfectly executed, cocktails to match set in a Great Gatsby-esque environment. The staff also heighten the experience, very knowledgeable of the menu, drink pairings and serve the plates in an order that just makes sense!

Great for: Save this one for that special someone, or really really special occasions, it can be quite pricey but totally worth it! visit their website here.

Tango Nuevo

Location: Downtown Kingston

Price Range: $$$$ – Expect to Spend $80 minimum for best experience.

About: Fine Dining-ish – Enjoy elegant cocktails, exquisite tapas classy setting!

Large menu with a variety of dishes, typically each patron will get 2 or 3 dishes, designed to be shared, which makes for a fun evening and a chance to try more of the delicious menu!

Great for: Co-worker Dinner, enjoy a diverse menu of items and cocktails that can fit everyone’s dietary needs without feeling excluded! Visit their website here.

AquaTerra – Casual Fine Dining

Location: Downtown Kingston

Price Range: $$$$ – Expect to Spend $75 minimum per person for best experience.

About: Fine Dining, prime location, attached to delta hotel. Long-standing history with local producers, creating seasonal dishes, and when possible using local producers. Excellent view overlooking Kingston’s harbor and right in the heart of downtown Kingston.

Great for: An evening out with your significant other, walk the streets of downtown Kingston, located in the Delta, book a room and make a whole night of it!  enjoy Kingston waterfront, also fit for a special dinner with family with private dining rooms available. Visit their website here.

The Rivermill

Location: Downtown Kingston

Price Range: $$$$ – Expect to Spend $75 minimum per person for best experience.

About: Fine Dining – Looking to have an elegant experience with a larger group? Need a more specific menu? The Rivermill is perfect for group dining with that fine dining touch. They have the space and staff to create the perfect night! Celebrating Local producers and cuisine, pairing fresh, seasonal and regional plates.

Great for: Family or Business Events, or a night out with close friends to celebrate or treat yourself! Visit their website here.

Casa Domenico

Location: Downtown Kingston

Price Range: $$$$ – Expect to Spend $75 minimum per person for best experience.

About: Casa Domenico provides a fresh perspective on Italian style cuisine. Blending a classical approach with modern elegance in the food preparation, emphasizing on freshness and quality in the ingredients of each menu item.

Great for: Intimate Dinners with significant others, friends & family. Visit their website here.